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A word used in the place of the phrase: "I give up. I can think of no way to come out of this situation (e.g., life, a fight, an essay-writing contest) a winner.
Kierkegaard: "I have just returned from a party of which I was the life and soul; witty banter flowed from my lips, everyone laughed and admired me - but I came away, indeed that dash should be as long as the radii of the earth's orbit wanting to shoot myself. Slemp"
by Wasser Tizfiddle October 24, 2004

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inadvertently screwing someone over.
Well, I was going to hang out with Nate today, but he slemped out on me.

I made a pizza today, and Jim totally slemped the last slice.

Oh I thought those guys were giving us a ride, but it looks like they left already...they just slemped us.
by peterpooper October 31, 2010
TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - Based upon a great person who granted optional BRCs and haydowns for jack s%#$. The GOD of all cadets.
Mil' duty for today is SLEMP!
by IHTFP December 09, 2003