Term used to describe something of high quality or high likeability, particularly if it has overcome great odds to be as such. In honor of NBA legend Eric "Sleepy" Floyd
Man, the pepper in this chicken gumbo sure is sleepy.
by Sleepy Floyd October 10, 2007
Whay you call that fatty fat fatterton you work with who not only snoozles, but shamlessless snores like a chainsaw with a loose throttle. Sometimes their office door if open, sometimes it's closed. Either way, it's loud. Also prone to absolute denial when confronted about it.

Can also be used as a pre-fix to someone's name.
Todd: Hey, did you walk by Sleepy's office?
Matt: Which Sleepy?
Todd: Sleepy Jay
Matt: Oh, Jay-zzz?
Todd: Yeah, that is one sleepy lying fat fuck.
by XtraFlop October 05, 2007
A cute, yet big and hairy man. Ususally working in an administrative branch for long hours!
Nicknamed Geagea
by German January 07, 2004
also known as nicole!!

-high lil short stuff
-crazy person
-sleeps a lot like me =P
Nicole is repping sleepy from the 7D

by SLEEPY repping the 7D May 07, 2003
a chink or china person.

they are called sleepys because they look tired cause they cant keep their eyes open.
"Jackie Chan is a sleepy"
by Kyle March 14, 2005

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