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N. A crappy or broken down car.
A. Someone that is basically a worthless person.
My ex is sled. But on the plus side I was able to unload my sled on her during the divorce.
by Nathan Burns September 14, 2006
8 22
what people who snowmobile call a snowmobile
man that new sled from psi pumps out 220!
by head_mad_trix November 14, 2005
58 16
Your ride, vehicle, conveyance, autovoiture. Could be a car, truck, motorcycle, whatever.
Shit, that is one fine sled you drivin'
by Dr. Badwrench January 06, 2007
34 15
a vehicle used in transporting person to and fro
That nigga just drove by in his fat ass sled, dawg!
by T April 24, 2003
31 20
skeevy; sketchy; (noun) One that is skeevy, sketchy, and/or shady.
That man over there, licking sap from the tree, is such a weirdo. Also, this phone is sled.
by Sophia Hilton January 26, 2008
16 15
An apparatus for riding down a snowy hill, but better known in the streets as a crotch rocket, sport bike, or ninja motorcycle
"Yo we takin da Hummer to da club?"
"Nah dogg, lets ride out on da sleds!"
by whitechocolate December 27, 2004
4 3
Used to describe fat chicks. Think blocking sleds from football practice.
We were looking for some ass at the bar, but all we saw were some sleds.
by No sleds November 01, 2007
16 16
To Sleep And Go To Bed.
Justine: It's Been a long day.

Sarah: Yeah, I'm ready for sled.
by SueNayNay May 25, 2012
1 3