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(n) A person, typically a female, who engages in sexual activity with 5 men at one time; she has a penis in each hand, a penis in her mouth which causes her to lean forward and facilitates a penis going into her anus and vagina simultaneous. Additionally, she is manually stimulating a penis with each hand---as a result of her position, she looks like a slutty eagle, hence "sleagle".
(v) One who sleagles
(adj) A person who possess characteristics similar to those who sleagle
Guy: Would you be my sleagle?
Girl: I thought you'd never ask!

Verb: "Whenever that girl sees a group of 5 guys she's sure to sleagle."

"Damn...I sleagled all weekend and now I'm more sore than I thought!"

Adjective: "Jillian, you're a sleaglin' ass bitch!"
by InAllKindsOfWeather November 20, 2007
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