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Have been awaken, yet too lazy to actually get out of the bed.
Tyler: Evan, stop being slazy and get your butt out of the bed! You've been snoozing 8 times already in my count!
by CDaWenzi May 05, 2010
9 4
Lazy + Sleepy = Slazy©
I'm a slazy© ass so I can't type more of a definition.
by Malcolm & Hayley June 17, 2008
5 5
A combniation of being sick and lazy and not in the mood to being out and about or go outside of your home.
"Man, today I'm just feeling really slazy. I might just have to pop in a movie and chill at home."
by Urish7 February 20, 2013
2 3
Socially Lazy - Not in the mood to be sociable. Too lazy to make conversation and be chatty.

Not to be confused with sleazy.
I'm so slazy, I can't be bothered to go out and talk to people
by Suzie Que1 September 15, 2012
0 1
The feeling of being sleepy and lazy at the same time.
I'm so slazy after working all day.
by Josh Pearson December 22, 2003
7 9
A combination of slack and lazy. A combination that produces a word that is one full magnitude greater in meaning than its constituents.
I'm too slazy to get out of my chair and pee so I will use this bottle from the conveniently located trash pile.
by Emu November 27, 2006
1 6