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Have been awaken, yet too lazy to actually get out of the bed.
Tyler: Evan, stop being slazy and get your butt out of the bed! You've been snoozing 8 times already in my count!
#half a sleep #lazy #snooze #mattress worship #snoozing
by CDaWenzi May 05, 2010
Lazy + Sleepy = Slazy©
I'm a slazy© ass so I can't type more of a definition.
#lazy #sleepy #tired #exhausted #copyright #gtfoi
by Malcolm & Hayley June 17, 2008
A descriptor that is used to describe the feeling of being ridiculously swaggy but lazy at the same time. It is most applicable when a group of males is sitting out in the sun for awhile are drained of energy but still super swaggy.
Girl #1: Hey did you see that group of hot guys laying out by the football field earlier today?
Girl #2: Yea, they are so good looking and really slazy
#swag #lazy #swaggy #steeze #swagger #steezy
by SwagBeastUno May 02, 2015
A combniation of being sick and lazy and not in the mood to being out and about or go outside of your home.
"Man, today I'm just feeling really slazy. I might just have to pop in a movie and chill at home."
#lazy #sick #tired #home #movie
by Urish7 February 20, 2013
Socially Lazy - Not in the mood to be sociable. Too lazy to make conversation and be chatty.

Not to be confused with sleazy.
I'm so slazy, I can't be bothered to go out and talk to people
#lazy #unsocial #social #bubbly #chatty #quiet
by Suzie Que1 September 15, 2012
The feeling of being sleepy and lazy at the same time.
I'm so slazy after working all day.
by Josh Pearson December 22, 2003
A combination of slack and lazy. A combination that produces a word that is one full magnitude greater in meaning than its constituents.
I'm too slazy to get out of my chair and pee so I will use this bottle from the conveniently located trash pile.
#slack #lazy #flaccid #faineant #motivated #active
by Emu November 27, 2006
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