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Noun, Adjective, Verb.

Definition: Miserable, humiliating failure, or one who performs such a feat. A general insult that can be applied to a variety of stupid things. Those who earn this attribution are usually slow to react, gullible, and prone to making incoherent grunting noises while drooling.
*A guy is in a hurry and walks into a sliding glass door.*
Guy #2: Ow dude you that was really slavorchuk of you.

*Everyone is lying down on the grass at track practice, we're about to do a race thing*
Me: Wait are we supposed to crawl to the finish line?
Matt: Yeah, you'll know when you see how it's done.
Me: Ok.
Coach: GO!
*I start crawling while everyone else gets up and runs.*
Matt: Ha ha what a slavorchuk.
Me: ...

Guy 2: "..... goddamn slavorchuk"
by Dirk Gently, P.I. December 20, 2007
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