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Used to describe a person with slave-like behavior or mentality. Often used by Indonesian girls from an upscale upbringing (with lots of servants) to describe the kind of guy they wish to date.
Chard: What do you look for in a guy?
Salim: Nice, Slavey, Funny
Chard: What was that?
Salim: What?

Chard: You said something. In between, Nice and Funny.
Salim: You know... "Slavey" where a guy is at your beck and call.
Chard: So you basically want a slave
Salim: No, no... just a slavey guy
by chuckishere November 19, 2010
a boy, formerly called david, whose name changes based on the fact that he is at your beck and call
"my boyfried is a total Slavey"

"MINE TOO! he's called Slavid Cameron!"
by Stephanie7788 October 19, 2006
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