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To have crazy unprotected sex
Shes so hot i'd slaughter those butt cheeks
by punk1125 December 22, 2008
1.to have insane sex with someone

That meegan got slaughtered five times on friday night it was crazyyy.
by tbirdvatos November 13, 2008
Slang for smoking Sherm aka: embalming fluid.
hey nigga, lets go get wet on that slaughter.
by vistalize August 13, 2005
Someone that sleeps around,but isn't known for sleeping around.
Man she a sluaghter,but you'd never know it.
by Elpidia April 26, 2005
Australian: An extremly Violent act, can be either miniscule scale or grand scale
Australian: Domination over another person
Muslim: Slang for sitting down
Australian: *after man shreads paper in a paper shreader* i slaughterd that work
Australian: the amercians slaughterd the french in basketball
Muslim: Would you like to Slaughter this chair?
by Saussage May 02, 2004