1. to eat something in such a manner that is considered greedy or fast

2. a manner to eat something while being famished
Tom: I got 2 hotdogs
Bob: ::steals hotdogs::
Tom: Where's my dogs?
Bob: Oh,...son...I slaughtered dem...
Tom: ::in a white voice:: damnit!
by goolie oolie September 17, 2006
To have crazy unprotected sex
Shes so hot i'd slaughter those butt cheeks
by punk1125 December 22, 2008
Australian: An extremly Violent act, can be either miniscule scale or grand scale
Australian: Domination over another person
Muslim: Slang for sitting down
Australian: *after man shreads paper in a paper shreader* i slaughterd that work
Australian: the amercians slaughterd the french in basketball
Muslim: Would you like to Slaughter this chair?
by Saussage May 02, 2004
Slang for smoking Sherm aka: embalming fluid.
hey nigga, lets go get wet on that slaughter.
by vistalize August 13, 2005
Someone that sleeps around,but isn't known for sleeping around.
Man she a sluaghter,but you'd never know it.
by Elpidia April 26, 2005

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