someone who writes slash (male/male pairings in fanfiction).
or more to the point, someone who ENJOYS writing slash.
that girl is a mad slasher.
by rejected but i like it that way November 28, 2005
Top Definition
A horror movie usually with one central homicidal maniac who usually uses cutlery to systematically slaughter his victims. See also Freddy Krueger,Jason Voorhees,Chucky
A Nightmare On Elm Street is a psychological slasher flick about a maniac who can invade his victim's dreams and kill them.
by Nicky_M October 31, 2004
One who loves/likes slash.
Oh, yeah, I met another slasher today! he ships draco/harry too! yay!

see the word "slash"
Some Guy that is 38 years of age and coverages eSports and Quake 4 like a robot on such sites like ESR and Gotfrag.
Slasher is basically what would happen if you made a robot listen to hard rock death metal or w/e and told him to report on eSports.
by WhoKnows22 August 01, 2006
A category of the horror movie genre that is defined by its common characteristic of having a minor plot and focusing on the killing and gore in the movie.
Typically it has been portrayed as one maniac killing a group of helpless teenagers, but in recent movies, it has started to be redefined such as in Freddy vs. Jason where the maniacs try to kill each other or as the re-release of Dawn of the Dead were there are many enemies, but the backbone of the movie is in its graphic scenes between the zombies and the surviving humans.
by The Definator June 11, 2005
A sometimes derogatory term used to describe people involved in piss party's. Generally the man (or woman) stands over their fellow slasher and takes a 'slash' (see slash) over the face chest and ankles only. The lying slasher consumes as much of the juice as possible whilst tickling the feet of the standing 'slasher'. Roles then reverse and the second slasher takes their turn but importantly only urinates on the left side of the lying other. The right side is therefore free to open the front door if the DHL man arrives.
Kev: 'Hey John, how's it going'
John: 'yeah good kev, last night Barry came over and we played FIFA on the laminate floor'
Kev: 'oh you slasher!!'
John: 'yes kev. Yes I am'
by Gxz February 04, 2016
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