to sleep really, really, really hard...nothing can wake you up
I slarred last night and missed all my classes today.
by :) July 04, 2003
Top Definition
A mixture between See you! and Later.
created for the use of teamspeak / ventrillo by Kieran McLung.
Steve: Cya Gary.
Gary: Slar Steve!
Kieran: Slar!
James: Bye
Crazy Vent Dude who can't pronounce properly:
*Garylewiceee has left the server*
Stuart: Cya Prick!
by gary gilmour December 13, 2007
The act of having so much on your mind that you go to take a shit and forget to pull down your pants
Oh man, kolesar had so much going on in nursing school he had a slar in the bathroom yesterday.
by weirdhockey54 March 06, 2014
He thinks he's so slar.
by tlively August 08, 2004

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