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1. subcultural scene, and genre of music created by 3 people who were really stoned in an apartment one night. The music of slapcore consists of skate punk and surf punk mixed with thrash and grindcore. The bass has to be played slap style, to go along with SLAP-core.

The idea behind slapcore, is that scenes like fashion-core and deathmetal-core really deserve to get dick slapped extra hard, and that any like minded people joining them in the dick slapping of the personification of those scenes would create a scene in and of itself, called slapcore.

The first slapcore shows were played in Venice Beach with an acoustic guitar, a bucket drum, and singing.

Slapcore originated in Oxnard, California in the summer of 2005.

2. cool, awesome, intense, or badass.

'hey that show last night was hella slapcore!'
by slapcore pleaser December 04, 2005
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