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N. A False indian tribe that was made up to make belief that you have slapping hoes in your bloodline.
Bitch, im from the slapaho tribe
by jaded angel January 10, 2005
1. V.- The act of "slappin' dat ho", in the case of said ho not giving up the money she made that week.

2. V.- Participation in rough sex with an African-American woman.

3. V.- The act of fighting with said ho.
"Where my money?"
"I swear, Jamik, I swear I have it by Monday!"
"Oh, don' make me slapaho!"
by SilenceIsGolden-DuctTapeIsSilv September 04, 2009
Abbreviation for Save Lives And Put A Helmet On. An extreme sports Brand.
SLAPAHO MEMPHIS (Making Easy Money Pimpin Hos In Style)
by FunKyTowNsFineSt January 26, 2005
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