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What u say to a friend when he says that a girl pissed him out. or when a girls tells her friend to slap her.
Guy:Man, that fuckin bitch got me mad. she tried to tell me that i was a fagget.
Guy 2:Man dont be a pussy. Slap A Hoe!!!!
by DeAngolo January 25, 2006
When a pimp slaps one of his bitchy hoes with his strong pimp hand because she hasn`t payed up.
Hoe doesn`t give up the cash the pimp slapahoe to get his hard earned money.
by Trace S. January 13, 2007
when someone around you gets on your nerves really bad and/or talks a lotta shit.
damn, this girl make me wanna SLAP-A-HOE!!
by baby tweek November 26, 2005
A term used to describe a tribe of women who have performed less than satisfactory actions.
Jeff: Hey woman dont change the channel! I was watching that!
Penny: What are you going to do?
Jeff: I think its time for you to join the tribe!
Penny: What tribe?
Jeff as he slaps her: The Slap-a-hoe!
by Ima gayfish May 01, 2010
Native American Indian Tribe
John Smith: I come from England, what about you?

Native American: I am from the Slapahoe tribe.
by LBL, 6 March 20, 2008
Tribe of Native Americans that originated in what is now East LA. Legend has it that they were christened into manhood by pouring the blood of a bear they had to kill with their bare hands onto their palms, rearing back, and lettin' the local Injun whore have it...SLAP. Also were known for their unusually large right hands.
Bob: Look at this arrowhead I found. It was lying next to this old gold Indian Drinking cup

Ron: It must have been from the Slapahoe tribe
by Church1210 August 15, 2006
What you say when theres an awkward can sometimes cause an awkward silence as well.
Friend #1: So Yeah, Like I was sleeping then I fell off my bed and was like WOAHHHHHHHH
Friend #2: That story made me JIZZ IN MY PANTS
*everyone gets silent*
Friend #4(thats right, I skipped 3): SLAPAHOE!
Friend #3: What the fuck?!
*Everyone laughs*
by Slapahoe Niqquh October 13, 2010
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