-A bastardization of "slap," or more extremely, "slay."
Wendy just slao-ed me on the face. :(
by tiger60067 July 13, 2004
Top Definition
secretly laughing ass off. a more realistic approach to the 1337 phrase lmao, that is, if you can admit to slao-ing.
by thou art lollething November 26, 2007
Slao, also known as Slaoing. Is the term used when a male sticks their genitalia into an airvent (be it large or small, preference is yours) and then turns the air on.
"Man, you should have seen Jared the other night. He was trying to get everyone to Slao it up."
"I dunno, I could go for some Slaoing right now."
by its a me, mario April 21, 2016
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