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When your buddy suddenly rapes your mind with an orgy of urban dictionary references and ghetto street creed to get you out of the picture so he can pick up some hot tail.
Guy 1: “Word! dawg. Peep that dope, five-finger shorty...two o’clock. Mmm, straight rollin’ strapped wit some back! woo! Girl got me bustin’ a hard-o-tack, melty like a full blown heteropheliac. Betta git in where you fit in jack, cause this car don’t ride three deep.”

Waiter: "Table for one?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, my buddy just blew me off with a slangbang."
by Your liberator January 19, 2011
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when ordinary nerdy online people act gangstas wid slangs
user1: so you think you're tough eh?
user2:yea i tink im a touf kookie dat wunt break.i gangbang all day all nite yo!
user1:yeah rather SLANG BANG!!
by trajikace October 13, 2008

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