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The opposite of Entrepreneur. One whoms' get up and go got up and went.

One who has the occasional thought and dream, but lacks the creativity and imagination and could never conceive any concept of improvement or betterment for themself nor the greater good of others that would ever come to fruition.

A natural person who may or may not have some financial where withall, if so, generally inherited or given to them, or born to wealth, living off the current or previous generation.

One whose greatest thought is very impressive to them but seen by others as dumb or useless.

Their greatest pursuit is below that of just exsisting without any aspiration for financial, physical or emotional enhancement or enlightenment but for the occassional delusional idea.

May at times include those who have delusions of grandeur during moments of intoxication, and consistently fail to act upon them when sober, this action is often repeated over again and upon sobriety again remains an inaction.
A "couch Potato", a lazy person, a constant non goal oriented person
slacker a well funded loser, or a low socio economic person with no motivation
My brother in law borrowed my truck because he's starting a lawn business in his mind, it's 6 months later and that slackerpreneur just told me he got his first account.
by Dr bcr8of December 20, 2010

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