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expression of positve or negative shock or astonishment

similar to :
no way,
-Dad allowed me to take his car tonight!
(Stary pozwolil mi pozyczyc jego samochod na wieczor! )
-NO WAY!!! (Slabo)
by irminlean March 29, 2009
(n)An aboriginal person who drinks a lot of beer. From abo (sl. aboriginal) and slab (a 24 can box of beer)
Mate, that slabo sleeping in the long grass really stinks. I think he's dead.
by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008
Is a person (human or not) who has the ability to drink a slab of beer whilst masturbating to the tune of 'Two Tickets To Paradise'.
Variation (Mung Slabo): Able to combine Mung and Slabo.
I'm gonna go home tonight and slabo it up.
by Tristan Lee September 10, 2006