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to blow a load in front of the skype camera
Jenny-"I havent seen my boyfriend in a few months, last night he gave me a skype shot."
by driz3k March 08, 2010
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Created by Chris Tepper, and Joseph Eberhart. Drinking game which involves the webcam networking program "skype".

Get a few people preferably 5-10 call one of your friends in the group up take a shot then bs for about 5 mins. Then hang up and call someone else. It's basically a round robin game with shots. if someone doesn't answer their call they are out. Objective is to be the last person to be the "Skype shot" champion.

Tagline: Why drink alone, when you can drink on "skype"
I heard Joe and Tepper got trashed last night playing "Skype shots"
by tepperchris April 19, 2010
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