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Combonation word of skank and dyke. skank + dyke = skyke. It is most comonly used as an insulting word towards anyone
OMG they were being such skykes today
He is such a skyke
The skyke who posted for this word incorrectly before me is such a poser skyke.
by fhsfdstu March 14, 2007
Garbage or worthless people or items.
I went to the garage sale, but they only had skyke.

I went to a trashy club and it was filled with skyke.
by ImpossibleC February 18, 2009
this word can mean whatever you want it to mean
Let's go skyke that kid over there! Let's go skyke out out behind the school! That guy is such a skyke! I got so skyked at that party last night! I did so skyking well on my test!
by Iwearmyseatbelt5 December 17, 2004

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