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Combonation word of skank and dyke. skank + dyke = skyke. It is most comonly used as an insulting word towards anyone
OMG they were being such skykes today
He is such a skyke
The skyke who posted for this word incorrectly before me is such a poser skyke.
by fhsfdstu March 14, 2007
45 21
Garbage or worthless people or items.
I went to the garage sale, but they only had skyke.

I went to a trashy club and it was filled with skyke.
by ImpossibleC February 18, 2009
6 6
this word can mean whatever you want it to mean
Let's go skyke that kid over there! Let's go skyke out out behind the school! That guy is such a skyke! I got so skyked at that party last night! I did so skyking well on my test!
by Iwearmyseatbelt5 December 17, 2004
6 44