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1. bird
2. people taking a shit in old planes (which dont have container)
3. person, crapping from the roof of skyscrapper
hahah, that fucking skycrapper shitted on u'r head...
by chronic September 28, 2004
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a very tall building or any other structure or object that makes it impossible to see the sky as if it crapped the sky with its enormous size;
Jerry: How's the apartment?
Will: I didn't like it. It was big, but all the windows faced a huge building that stood so close that you could not see the sky. I had to open the window and look outside to actually see that there was something more than just this building.
Jerry: A skycrapper.
Will: You bet it was!
by KurtSteinerPL November 08, 2011
Someone who is tall and makes fun of short people
Shutt up your a sky crapper
by Size 14 February 02, 2011

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