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Jamaican slang meaning a bag filled with shaved/crushed ice with syrup poured on it.
"Some sufferers got to take it to the sky juice to stay alive."
-Big Youth, "Sky Juice"
by Maokong September 23, 2004
45 26
A Bahamian drink, there is no official recipe, but in a nutshell is coconut water + alcohol. Usually mixed with Gin.
In recent years, a popular mix has included, coconut water, gin, condensed milk (cream) and sweet milk, and sometimes coconut flavored rum.

Likely received its name because coconuts grow on very tall trees -> the juice coming from the sky.
"Bey that sky juice really snuck up on me after we left Arawak Cay"
by ozcar504 April 10, 2008
70 23
plain water in Malaysia
Can I get a cup of sky juice please?
by ionize December 12, 2011
14 3
Water; plain water.
Drinking water.
"Can I have a cup of skyjuice, please?"
by Eric Fu December 11, 2005
11 7
this is Jamaican slang for a person with a large stomach that does not contain a growing child.
Hey she/he's cute from the back...

Person turns around

Forget it she/he has a sky juice belly, damn, and she/he had so much potential.
by 200mgoflyfe March 12, 2010
4 29