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A Bahamian drink, there is no official recipe, but in a nutshell is coconut water + alcohol. Usually mixed with Gin.
In recent years, a popular mix has included, coconut water, gin, condensed milk (cream) and sweet milk, and sometimes coconut flavored rum.

Likely received its name because coconuts grow on very tall trees -> the juice coming from the sky.
"Bey that sky juice really snuck up on me after we left Arawak Cay"
by ozcar504 April 10, 2008
Jamaican slang meaning a bag filled with shaved/crushed ice with syrup poured on it.
"Some sufferers got to take it to the sky juice to stay alive."
-Big Youth, "Sky Juice"
by Maokong September 23, 2004
plain water in Malaysia
Can I get a cup of sky juice please?
by ionize December 12, 2011
Water; plain water.
Drinking water.
"Can I have a cup of skyjuice, please?"
by Eric Fu December 11, 2005
The act of H2o (rain) falling to the earth from clouds
Wow Adam there's Sky juice all over me I should of taken my umbrella
by AhDerpy September 07, 2014
this is Jamaican slang for a person with a large stomach that does not contain a growing child.
Hey she/he's cute from the back...

Person turns around

Forget it she/he has a sky juice belly, damn, and she/he had so much potential.
by 200mgoflyfe March 12, 2010