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scouse word for dirty little scatty slut.
Louise slept with billy then joe then scott in one night, what a scatty skuzza.
by Anonymous May 05, 2005
Skuzza - An extemely slutty female. Male version is a Skonk.

There are a few definitions for 'Skuzza':

1) A girl that has slept with 5+ people in less than a year.

2) A girl that has slept with multiple people who she ain't in love with.

3) Any girl aged 15-17 who has slept with more than 4 people. If a girl aged 15-17 has slept with 5+ people, shes worse than a skuzza and no word has been made for that extent of sluttyness yet.
"Stay clear of her, she's a right skuzza"

"Oi Lee, I'm gonna fuck and chuck her, I heard she's abit of a skuzza"
#slut #whore #tramp #hoe #slag
by Rockhurt June 07, 2007
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