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A group of teenage faggots in Kellyville who have nothing better to do that write their shitty tag in public places and proclaim how "badass" they are when all they do is hang around in shit-tier sized groups and make fun of kids on Facebook.
Skuxxx... the lowest of the low.
by phagg0tt May 01, 2010
Skuxxx are a group of boys from Kellyville. We just party all the time with our dicks out. We like to give it but also take in in the butt. Rimjobs are our speciality. We pretend we are tough but really hate any conflict. If one of us was threatened the rest of us would drop our nuts and bail on him.
We're Skuxxx, lad, we don't muck around
by ilyskuxxx December 12, 2009
A group of hot ass bitches from Te Awamutu who like to give each other shit. Always dressed well and looking for someone to smush. Skuxxx bitches are the best.
Casey, Rachel and Elise are so skuxxx, wish i was as awesome as them!
by Skuxxx_deluxe April 04, 2011
A pretty boy who likes other boys. A homosexual who hooks up with anyone thats willing, able or not. A man whore but only for men.
The skuxxx boyz are here. (The man whores are here for the party to provide their services)
by skuxxxbra October 27, 2008
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