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An awesome Paul Frank character...CROSS-BONES!
Woah....that skurvy shit is awesome!
by Leah August 27, 2004
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a synonym for sketchy. it can also be used in place of the word serious. meaning sketchy, skeezy, etc.
"Who are those skurvy guys?"
"I don't know man, they look like townies."
"yeah i think so."
"i guess you could say it's pretty skurvy."
by a non skurvy girl April 04, 2005
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Another word for stinky or smelly. Can also be used to describe someone that looks dirty or gross
The bum on the corner was looking pretty skurvy.
by McSkurvypants April 22, 2011
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Having great skill at both screenprinting and karaoke.
Holy shit, did you see that awesome shirt that the dude screaming britney spears is wearing? He's TOTALLY skurvy!
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
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