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When your first gray hairs are in a small patch right on the front of your head. Usually located more to one side or the other. If you have long hair, especially darker hair, it resembles the stripe down a skunk's tail.
Cassie decided to dye her skunk stripe hot pink to say the hell with getting older!
by GhostFaceGirl May 04, 2005
When a woman has shaved all her pubic hair, except for a carefully groomed, perfectly centered, thin stripe.
"Was she well groomed?"
"Hell yeah, she was sporting a skunk-stripe!"
by double-donk October 16, 2009
Whilst dumping a 2 foot log in a public toilet, the gently log gets jammed on the bottom of the toilet. The log breaks and on its fall it kisses the underside of the dumpers nut sack.
Jason stopped at Esso for a quick dump and got a skunk stripe for his troubles.
by Canesten Cream October 07, 2014
When you blow your load and leave a line of jizz in someone's hair.
She dipped her head as I blew my load and I gave her a skunk stripe.
by yetisexer February 27, 2009
when a trail of food or substance that looks like cum is dribbled down the front of your shirt in a striped fashion.
guy: hey, who have you been sucking to get that skunk stripe down the front of your shirt.

girl: that's not cum, it's yogurt that dribbled down my shirt.
by justicetoteach February 04, 2010
When you get a tan or a burn on your back, and down the middle of your back there is no tan/burn visible.
Meghan got burnt on her back today but because of the suit she was wearing she has a skunk stripe
by MrPhiber July 26, 2008
a streak of poop residue down the center of a toilet bowl left by a careless flush walkerthat looks like a (insert poop color) stripe
I was about to take a piss, when I look down and see a damn skunk stripe.
by darkshadow2247 July 19, 2005
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