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Foul-smelling genitals. Usually used by females referring to a male's genitals, but is becoming increasingly popular for males to refer to a foul-smelling vagina as "skunk junk."
"I went down on Rob and he had the worst case of skunk junk I have ever had the displeasure of encountering!" exclaimed Joyce.

"Kristen told be I had skunk junk, so now I lather up my cock and balls with soap on a daily basis!"

"If Bob wants his evening blow job, he'll have to take care of that chronic case of skunk junk ASAP!"
by WordWally June 19, 2009
When a guy's junk jus smells all kinds of raunchy, due to a sexually transmitted disease or possibly just terible hygene
I was just about to go down on this guy and his cock smelled something awful. He had the worst case of skunk junk I have ever smelled, and believe me I have smelled some pretty nasty shit.
by OoLexioO July 23, 2006
A vagina so terribly raunchy that you can not help but crying at the smell of it.
Theresa's pooter was so stinky that after i cried for a week I tracked her through the mall only by the smell of her pussy. I proceeded by stabbing her in the throat 132 times. I attemepted to remove her vagina but i could not dou to the constant gagging. I then painted my brains on the ceiling of my high school with my fathers shotgun. All because of Theresa's Skunk Junk!
by Jason Gallo October 04, 2007

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