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Brunette whose personality, behavior or intelligence come across as blonde-like.
The teenage daughter on Modern Family is an example of a bronde. She has brown hair, but seems like an airhead.
by boratfan1 January 26, 2011
Website comprised of photos taken at actual Walmart stores that show real people who look like they have no idea or just don't care how to present themselves in public. Anything considered socially inappropriate or disgusting from wearing pajamas and slippers to skimpy clothing on fat people to exposed butt cracks to men wearing dresses, you name it..it can be found here. People can submit photos and new ones appear on a daily basis.
People of walmart seem to have no common sense.
by boratfan1 December 30, 2011
Basically, it's two-toned hair. Usually a combination of dark brown or black and blonde. Usually the two colors are patterned in sections or overlap each other to resemble a skunk's fur. Those who follow this trend have no idea how ridiculous they look.
Michelle decided to get the skunk hair look by dyeing the bottom half of her hair blonde.
by boratfan1 December 06, 2010
A book that has become a cultural phenomenon as the female version of "He's Just Not That Into You". It is basically a list of pet peeves or turn-offs that women have against men. The book is divided into three parts: things men wear, things men say, and things men do. There are over 300 items listed and while many of them seem like legimitate complaints, others seem downright petty. There is a rating scale for each to measure how much of a turn-off it is which range from minor (red flag/storm cloud) issues to more serious (not getting any/kiss of death) ones that can kill any chance at romance. The book can be found in the humor at section at local bookstores and while it does offer some good advice, men should take it with a grain of salt.
A man who owns a reptile, clips a cell phone to his belt, and uses catchphrases is considered undateable. A man who does anything feminine such as wear makeup or drink cosmopolitans is considered undateable. A man who doesn't pay on the first date or doesn't leave a tip ensures that he won't get a second date.
by boratfan1 September 06, 2010
Cleaning one's vehicle at a gas station by using the complementary squeegee and water.
I saw John at Chevron giving his ride a ghetto car wash after filling the tank.
by boratfan1 November 04, 2010
Southern California during a heavy extended rainfall which is more common in the Pacific Northwest.
Three days of nonstop rain in SoCal has taken away the smog and made everything green, so we're in Seattlefornia until it stops and everything returns to normal.
by boratfan1 November 18, 2011
Person who calls 911 as a way to summon the police to resolve a minor dispute such as receiving the wrong order at a fast-food restaurant.
A woman in Florida proved herself to be a 911 drama queen when she called because McDonald's couldn't complete her order and apparently they wouldn't give her a refund.

Another 911 drama queen was upset because Burger King supposedly wouldn't let her have it her way but the dispatcher refused to send help.
by boratfan1 March 22, 2013

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