Somebody who is acting eccentric or in a crazy manner. Often used to describe someone who has been smoking wacky backy and is talking rubbish.
"Rodney you Skug, there are no pink elephants in egypt what are you talking about man!?"
by Borris McFly November 20, 2003
Top Definition
Any ugly, nasty, skanky, or generaly unagreeable female.
That girl standing at the bar is a real skug! you don't want to speak to her.
by JRod and cmoney September 19, 2006
A woman who is so fucking ugly that not even her mother could love that face
Get that skug away from me.
by Marcus Martin July 05, 2005
a hug on skype
meagan and cody were talking on skype and he need a hug. since meagan wasnt there she gave him a skug instead.
by meagan61593 October 11, 2011
A Skype hug.
Niki gave Megan a skug on Skype, because they missed each other sooo much.
by Harry Perry January 02, 2011
A belch that comes up from the stomache and out the mouth...
Katie: Skug.
Cynthia: Skug times 3!!
Lacee: LOL!!
Ashley: good job
by Katie Renee Wallenburg February 07, 2007
A dirty ol roast beefy vag.
Ryan Paulowski is a smelly skug.
by bigdaddy888 September 10, 2010
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