great person to be around, and a great bestest friend!
skritch has an awesome older brother.
by scorchie February 12, 2003
Top Definition
The sound made when stroking your mustache with the outside of your index finger while in deep thought during a meeting.
He must really be in deep thought over there, I can hear the skritch from this side of the room.
by Jim Maskel February 01, 2008
a phone. Particularly a cell phone.
Ay, shut it! I'm talkin' on da skritch!
by combatxxbaby January 23, 2007
skritch is a lush person who pretty much every girl loves.
man, look at skritch!!
by itc January 29, 2004
lol thats right we love skritch's adorable brother! no we love you besides your brother! he's just like a wonderful benefit lol
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
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