A word, orginating in Chicago, for Money.
"after I cash this check, ima have Madd Skrilla"
by Will O. January 12, 2005
Some cash you scored from dealin' or stealin'.
"Hell yeah, we're gettin' fucked up! I scored some skrilla!"

Originated in Bayshore Gardens, Bradenton, Florida.
by titankillah December 08, 2005
high roller/ big spender/ big shot. referring to cash/money as a person
How you doin' skrilla?
by coolcoolcool3 September 01, 2010
Cash Flow, Dolla Dolla Bill Yall
K-Dog betta gimmie dat Skrilla before he get shot down by muh AR-15 Slug.
by G-Unikott April 19, 2004
To smoke some of the dank.
Dude 1: Hey man, want to skrill after school?

Dude 2: Is it that dank shit you bought Tuesday?!

Dude 1: Fosho

Dude 2: You know it skrilla!
by Labowski- September 17, 2010
A wannabe poser who bites everyones steeze and tries to claim it as his own. Typically found in Arizona, this person tries to front like he's got it going on by buying expensive items on credit. Most noteable for calling himself "Skrilla" as to try portray himself as a "cool guy"
—Synonyms 1. King of Queers, Skittles, Josh
Yo, did that dude just call himself "Skrilla", what a fag!
by AnonPanda March 07, 2007
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