The Bay Area.
Skrilla Valley.
I'm represntin' the skrilla valley.
by pablo June 16, 2006
Record lable thats straight outta Da D.Y.T. its main artist are Young Money, Coupe da Hitman, Young Quan, Big-J, and super producer DJ Schmo. Skrilla records gonna take da rap game by storm.
Dem bad ass Skrilla boys at it again in da D.Y.T.
by Big-J June 06, 2006
SKRILLACrystal Meth(Speed) A white or yellowish crystal substance that can be Smoked, Snorted, or Injected. Sometimes called URBAN COCAINE. Often used to stay awake, Has been known to put off sleep for weeks at time. Side Effects include, Paranoia and Hulications.
by [THE SKRILLA KING] November 16, 2006
Very comman in Houston texas, and used by houston rappers. Means weed, mary jane. Skrill, skrilla, skrilled has many uses.
Pass the skrilla. Pass the skrilla.

I am the skrilla king.

I am so skrilled right now.

Lets go get skrilled
by DreN April 20, 2006
Everyone thinks it means money but its actually another word for weed. You know, marijuana. Trust me on this one. I invented this word and started using it all over the place over 20 years ago. I got into the rap game and peeps picked it up in the studio. People have lost site of its true meaning through bad ganksta muzak.
Gimme a hit of dat skrilla, my nigga.
by Wafflemaster February 20, 2005
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