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A negative conotation referring to native americans. A very offensive term used by the vikings to describe the red indians.
Eirek the red : " Don't let the half naked skraelings get in the way of conquering our land!"
by Tobasko August 21, 2009
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Vikings named the native americans skraelings. However, another word "skrullinger" is a modern norwegian word for "primitive ones". Perhaps the natives were so primitive that the Vikings had to name them what they were. The pilgrims who came hundreds of years later named them Indians, perhaps the pilgrims were uneducated.
Let's go make fun of the skraelings.
Din skrulling, ikke slå på tv'en, trykk på knappen! (You skraeling, dont hit on the tv, press on button!)
by Vikingf00k November 27, 2008
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Pronunciation: /skrailIN/ skr - ay - ling, like the "ay" in day

The word is used to refer to anyone who listens to rap music and speaks Ebonics or more professionally called African American Vernacular English — and who also exhibits many characteristics of stereotypical urban African Americans. The term is used to refer to a member of any race, including blacks and whites. A related term is Skraespeak, which is used to refer to the African American dialect.
Person One: Man, They be runnin' from me and my hommies.
Person Two: I know man, shit. He say he gonna kick yo ass.

Onlooker One: What a bunch of Skraelings...
Onlooker Two: When will they ever learn English?
by Sam Martinez January 10, 2007
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