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combination of the words oovoo and skype
kendall: i'm really bored! let's oovoo

lauren: no, let's skype!

kendall: what should we do?

lauren: let's skoovoo!
by salty11 January 18, 2011
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Throwing in a dip on OovoO with some of your boys who are not in the same area as you. (e.g. Friends away at college, old friends who don't live near you anymore) A skoovoo sesh can involve anywhere upwards of 2 people.
Yo Eric, you down for a Skoovoo sesh with Jason at like 7?
by dipfeind65 February 28, 2011
Skoovoo Sk-oovoo
Pronounced scuvu

–verb (used without object)

1. to perform the act of going on skype or oovoo. ♥
two people

P1: Hey can you skoovoo? i have to tell you something P2:sure i'll turn on my laptop
by OhemgeeBarbie February 01, 2011

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