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An undead homosexual warlock known to feast hungrily on the severed cocks of the people he kills or any corpse he happens upon.
Damn, skinnypete was shrieking like a bitch when he found out that the pally he killed was a chick. Sorry Pete, no cock for you.
by Fartimus October 01, 2010
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1. The undead warlock generally known for teh pwnage he bestows upon his opponents. Upon completion of said pwnage the pwnee is generally left with a Mushroom Stamp.

2. A cannible by nature. Favors the healing class that tends to wear plate armor.
1. Skinnypete pwned his ass so bad he felt bad for leaving a mushroom stamp when he was done.

2. Did you guys see skinnypete feasting on that pally the other day?
by Don Moose August 16, 2006
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