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An undead homosexual warlock known to feast hungrily on the severed cocks of the people he kills or any corpse he happens upon.
Damn, skinnypete was shrieking like a bitch when he found out that the pally he killed was a chick. Sorry Pete, no cock for you.
by Fartimus October 01, 2010
1. The undead warlock generally known for teh pwnage he bestows upon his opponents. Upon completion of said pwnage the pwnee is generally left with a Mushroom Stamp.

2. A cannible by nature. Favors the healing class that tends to wear plate armor.
1. Skinnypete pwned his ass so bad he felt bad for leaving a mushroom stamp when he was done.

2. Did you guys see skinnypete feasting on that pally the other day?
by Don Moose August 16, 2006
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