A Penis, in which, the owner sings gracefully while it is being played
When Pick3 plays the skin flute of Lestat, it sounds angelic.
by Jizzy The Kid May 18, 2007
it is a magical flute given to every man from god u should practice the flute 5 - 7 times and week or u can have ur gf play it for you
commander carl has no skin flute
by chryan kozagee December 02, 2004
when a female takes a sharpie marker and draws wholes on a penis and sucks it and moves her fingers like playing an instrument
(flute) (bj) (caleb) (skin flute)
by calebnator6969 February 03, 2009
to suck the cock
"yo man, laura played my skin flute damn good last night"
by Amy April 02, 2004
The valve on a cooler to drain the excess water.
"Hey man, why don't you open the skinflute so this damn cooler won't be so heavy to carry!"
by DLBoss August 26, 2006
When a girl sux on some guys dick and the guy sings sapranno plays a song
when natalie played the skin flute on me i sang like i was in a rock band.
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
generally means to jerk off but can also mean to give a bj, so be careful when u say it
i was playing the skin flute (but which meaning was i using!!)
by supafly rabbi January 22, 2004

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