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scar+pimple. a scar caused by a pimple
That guys face is full of skimples
by redeyeniga May 21, 2013
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masturbatory sex act involving a skimple, a real or simulated gauntlet, while dressed as a barbarian or ancestral native. skimpling's roots are in the early leather bondage subculture, where certain factions felt that the experience was not primal enough. and began wearing furs and medeival garb during play. in a legendary scene from "The Anals of Time", a metal gauntlet was anally consumed by the legendary Amanda Mc Nasty. her repeated cry of "Skimple" gave the practice a name.
as a noun: "That skimple really stretched her out!"
as a verb:"She loves a good skimple."
by gorevidal May 09, 2011
Noun;A Woman's breasts that are far too small, almost unnoticeable to the untrained eye. They are merely skin and nipple.
This beezy shouldn't be working at Hooters, she's got some mad skimples.
by tunafist embrey January 16, 2011

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