Top Definition
just pure skills
kevin is one skillfullguy
by c April 07, 2003
Knows eveything and anything, good at everything. Very skilled. Nicknamed "skills"

For more information see Kevin Kim n.
kevin is a really skillful guy
by .hack April 29, 2003
someone who is jz way to koo and skilled to talk LOSERZ lyke michie =)
Skillz wuhz to bz and to koo to talk to Michie.
by miChie April 17, 2003
(n) a person that has to many skillz and can't do nothing about it; often nicknamed "skiLLz"
"skillz, itz da best, oshure, rite, buffness, gayness, ur dead, direct hit, prumpyness" exclaimed the skillfullguy.
by kevin April 02, 2003
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