A cast iron cooking pan used to make eggs, bacon, delicious dinners, and can also be utilized to knock any aggravating or annoying asshole out cold if so needed.
Example 1: I had two skillet-fried eggs this morning for breakfast.
Example 2: Cory wouldn't shut the fuck up hollerin' in my ear, so I clocked him upside his head with a skillet.
by sexie chocolate December 12, 2004
Top Definition
awesomeness band, you should all go listen to them
Skillet rocks your face off!
by w00t_man March 22, 2004
1. A frying pan

2. A incredibly awesome, face rawking band consisitng of four members, Jen Ledger, who plays drums, Korey Cooper, who plays guitar and keyboard, John Cooper, who is Korey Cooper's husband, who plays bass and is also the lead vocalist, and Ben Kasica, who plays guitar.
They just realeased their album, Awake.
Hey, where did my skillet go?

Have you heard the new Skillet CD? It rawks so hard!
by xRevolution09x August 27, 2009
the greatest band ever. go listen to them, it'll do you some good.
hey im bored, lets go listen to skillet!
by paris243545678687453 August 27, 2006
1. a term used to describe one's closest friends.

2. yoour "boys"
yo' I just be chillin wit my skillets in my crib...yo.
by Karokash May 11, 2004
Nickname for a girl (or guy) who speaks with a bossy, rude, smart mouthed or otherwise greasy manner.

Therefore they are greasy like a frying SKILLET.
"Darn shorty, you talk so greasy to your pops Im gonna call you Skillet"

Person #1- "Sup skillet?"
Person #2- "Buzz off crackhead."
by stardustpixie September 01, 2009
A Christian rock group.
"Skillet is a great band!"
by Lindsay July 23, 2004
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