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skillage is a north african bowl desies but it is very rare
i am so sorr you have a rare condition it is called skillage
by dannyboy007 November 15, 2009
13 18
Some one wiv beyond just skill

see also Skillageation
(breaks into a car)"Wow dude...uv got sum rite skillage"
by Andy G AKA 'Wigga' February 03, 2004
37 45
The Spillage of Skill
Wow! you pwnt that nubcake nekkid!! Thats uber skillage! :o
by not using my real name June 10, 2009
8 17
When somebody performs some form of sporting skill
yes rude boy u got sum skillage
by BiScUiT o6 May 26, 2006
21 30