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1) When you do something good and think its all down to your skill/knowledge or whatever, you just say skillage.
2) Or when someone does something good.
3) In football, When you take it around someone or Skill them you shout SKILLAGE
Brandon: Did you SEE THAT! Oh My God. That was sick.

Steve: Yeh, all you did was take the ball round me, dont be acting like your all hard.

Brandon: And? It was skill "Skillage".

So in actual Fact steve Got Pwned aswell :D
by iFatHead x June 01, 2009
African bum disease.
Dude, Stewart's got skillage.
by Rick December 23, 2003
to have skills;
Dude, thats some straight up skillage.
by annoyance-alexander July 22, 2003
a word to be used if someone has done a realy cool skill
wow thats skillage man
by demonicdusty February 20, 2011
(Pronounced, "s-kill-adj")
1. to be skilled at something.
2. to preform something that requires skill.
3. used as a complement when skill is being shown or preformed.
(Filip shows skill) Benchley says, "SKILLAGE! Man, Filip's got some crazy skill!"
by Dr. Fil-osophical October 03, 2007
A display of skill.
While playing NHL 09

-Player 1 gets raped-
Player 1: Dude how'd you deke me like that?
Player 2: Its just skillage.
by epitome23 July 11, 2009
Pronounced (Skill-LA-ge)

It means to have a collage of skill or wide variety of skills

She had some serious skillage at the dance.
by Super Sean55 May 28, 2008