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To Get Out of Some Place In a Hurry, Usually Accompanied with the Sound made by Curly from the Three Stooges. If you skidattle, you leave extremely quickly
Ohh Snap, PoPos, Let's Skidattle. (Makes Curly Noise)
#curly #skidattle #run away #popos #crack #stoned #ditch
by Joe mamas mama December 23, 2006
to leave, get out, scram, go back to where you came from.
if you dont like our country, you can skidattle.
#skidattle #scadaddle #ski dattle #get out #go back
by ricky bobbbby April 22, 2009
A country-bumpkin term that means to leave, generally rather quickly.
"We need to skidattle on outta her', or else them-ther farma' might cat' on!
by Ryan B September 28, 2004
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