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Skid scavengers are most common in the southern U.S.
They usually drive an old pick-up truck and stack large amounts of wooden skids or pallets in the truck bed.
The first thing you will notice is the large amount of skids on such a small truck and their ability to keep them on the truck.
Skid scavengers will look for used skids in any condition and sell them to company's that re-furbish them.
Some scavengers only find skids or pallets that are out in the open for the taking.
The more advanced scavengers will steal them or walk in to a business and ask for un-used skids or pallets.
The most common skid scvanger in the Dallas area seems to be of the black race and of older age.
We have seen increasing numbers of hispanic skid scavengers in the last few years.
It seems that the newer the truck is, the more likely it is a hispanic scavenger.
The hispanic scavengers tend to be of younger age which may explain the newer model truck.
It is very rare to actually see a skid scavenger loading up his loot.
I was driving into work this morning and noticed that the skid scavengers were already loaded up with a 30ft stack.
by Dan TX June 10, 2008
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