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it's short for underwear and its kooler than the word underwear!!!!
I love to run around in my skibbies.
by Michaela (Mikaela) July 02, 2005
Another word for "skivvies," which means underwear. Skibbies, if said with an elmo-type voice, sounds especially cute. Usually refers to boyshorts. Can also be shortened to "skibs."
"I ALSO looove running around in my skibbies, especially my hello kitty skibs." ;)
by chloe murph October 21, 2006
A skinny girl with big boobies.
Pamela Anderson is such a skibby.

Check out the skibby that just walked in the room.
by Mr Marbles June 07, 2010
1.skibby is a universal word started in northern ky... can mean anything you wish

2.also mean female or girl
1.hey adam hand me that skibby (refering to the only item that he could possibly want at the moment and couldn't think of the name for it)

2.What you doing tonight
Going searching for some skibbys
what you doin tonight
going out on a date with this one skibby...
by AhDaMn January 24, 2007
a man who says things like FLEER DEER SKEER. One would say a loser.
my friend Ben is skibby
by fleer deer skeer June 03, 2009
A word that I came up with quite a while ago. Turns out, there's a place in Denmark called Skibby!
"I'm goin' fishin, Earl"
"Well Skibby that!"
"I said, Skibby that."
"Skibby is a place in Denmark!"
"Well... I, um... Shut up! Just shut up!"
by Blackwood April 30, 2005
Another name for "Scabies"
I'm itchin' all over! I've got skibbies!!!!!
by ibgrimme January 22, 2008
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