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From the Latin snowus skius boardius - see. homosexualalist - A descriptive Noun used to describe a latent homosexual Skier, wearing hot pants and mid riff bearing shirts or ski racing jacket while prancing down the slopes on a snowboard.

v., Ski-Boarding
My Friend Shane went with us this weekend and rode a snowboard for the first time wearing tight pants and a Ski Racing Jacket; what a Ski-Boarder!!


My buddy Shane is the captain of his ski-boarding team.
by Shilo January 28, 2005
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one who skis and snowboards,has no clear favorite, and hates both for different reasons (both only occur in noobs). Noob snowboarders think its cool to go dow a black diamond riding only on one edge while getting no actual thrill, and just pushing all the snow down and making the top of hills icy, yes thats why the top is icy, not the temperature. skiers or pizzas as i like to call them take up too much room on slopes and just gett in the way, and you cant pass them. I would just like to say that the only reason snowboarding is more popular is because its easier to learn. No snowboarder can deny that a really good skier is awesome, and visa-versa.

steve is a skiboarder.
no he skis too
by (or pseudonym); January 16, 2009
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