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A female on the snow who makes you crack a fat even in sub zero temperatures.
Time to get out the guns and get us a ski bunny
by Drew Christx July 15, 2005
126 66
A girl who goes up to a ski mountain not to ski, but to pick up guys.
The ski bunny hooked up with some of the mountain's ski bum instructors.
by hapanelly December 06, 2006
113 67
A coke whore.
A prostitute that accepts drugs instead of money.
A woman who will willingly sleep with a person in lieu of cocaine, crack or other streetdrugs
by blaseskippyboo January 11, 2005
4 7
A woman who offers herself sexually for cocaine.

I was bored on a saturday night, had equipment so I posted on craigslist to try and find a ski bunny.
by Ski Instructor November 11, 2007
90 98