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A west Indian slang for a slut,ho, a girl who has been around the block once or twice.
Look at she, dat a sketel yes.
by Marky June 29, 2003
Jamaican creole word for a class-less, tasteless, loose girl, who characteristically displays slutty, animalistic or beast like qualities.
Girl 1: Hey you saw the way Shalice dida gwaan? Jus' a cuss out an bawl affa people suh(English: hey you say the way Shalice was acting? Shouting and cursing at people...)
Girl 2:Ya man, a real sketel dat(English: yup, that's a sketel for ya)
by goodtunesoulseeker July 27, 2008
A Caribbean term applied to female that is highly promiscuous, very flirty and or has had various sexual partners.
Jenni: Gial, i see Tracy lastnight, di gwan rude pan one bally, den lee while afta dat, mi sih her biting up his friend.

Natasha:Oh yes, she da wa real sketel!

Jenni: I saw tracy lastnight, being naughty/dancing provocatively with one guy, and a little while after...I saw her making out with this same guy's friend.

Natashia: Oh yes, she's a true Sketel/Ho/Whore/Slut
by prettygial November 01, 2010
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