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(n) Someone or something that is particularly sketchy. Can also be used as an adjective (sketchfucked).
That person keeps walking back and forth past this restaurant for no apparent reason...what a sketchfuck.

This guy tried to sell me drugs right by a playground, it was really sketchfucked.
#sketch #sketchy #fuck #fucked #unexplainable #dangerous #uncomfortable #fucked up
by cinnamon girl April 24, 2008
Sketchfuck is a mix between sketchy and fuck. Typically, this word means that something is really weird, and has gone bad as well. It can also be used as an adverb "sketchfucked."
Bob: "Yeah, so that girl who always cheats got 100% on the last quiz!"
Jane: "Ugh...thats so sketchfucked! I studied so hard!"
#sketchy #fuck #sketchfucked #weird #unfair
by Jeff Aschki April 12, 2008
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