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An individual who creeps around and does questionable things causing people to look at them and say what the fuckk!
"Courtney stop meeping or people are going to think you are a sketcharoo."
by Kiko and Mike Wiess April 07, 2008
a nickname first used by a male called Sam in the late 1990's. Means slightly "crazy" and up for anything. But also can mean a random sketch, drawing!
nickname = "Sketcharoo"

drawing = "did a quick sketcharoo in my spare time for no apparent reason"
by sketcharoo May 01, 2005
a person who exhibits "sketchy" bahavior whether that be lying or doing something behind someones back... someone who tries to cover things up.
"man that boy had an excuse for everything, he's a TOTAL sketcharoo!"
by Hawaii87 April 18, 2007
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